20 February 2012

one-hundred things that make me happy (seriously happy)

i found this old document in a folder named 'in progress' so i must have meant for it to be fluid (as it has always contained 100 items).  i kept the orignial but there were definitely things that have changed since writing it five or six years ago (mostly involving food - hah).  anyhow, i'm sure that my original intent was to remind myself (and those in my life) of all the things that i could do to improve my personal happiness quotient and maybe get a little motivation from time to time as well.  this seems like an appropriate venue for this piece so let's get happy!

  1. family
  2. friends
  3. puppies
  4. photographs
  5. writing
  6. recycling
  7. honesty
  8. listening
  9. cuddling
  10. loyalty
  11. textiles
  12. alliteration
  13. vegetables
  14. backrubs
  15. collaboration
  16. volunteering
  17. daydreams
  18. crosswords
  19. poetry
  20. fresh-ink
  21. bumper-stickers
  22. first kisses
  23. handmade anything
  24. thick socks
  25. clean sheets
  26. found objects
  27. holding hands
  28. being grateful
  29. helping people
  30. spring rainstorms
  31. culinary deliciousness
  32. inside jokes
  33. christmas day
  34. rummage sales
  35. riding bike
  36. playing cribbage
  37. people watching
  38. finding resolution
  39. sending postcards
  40. international travel
  41. tasting rainbows
  42. dating creative-types
  43. second-hand stores
  44. community capacity building 
  45. the open road
  46. a friendly debate
  47. my papasan chair
  48. seeing live music
  49. being around babies
  50. protecting the environment
  51. leaves changing colour
  52. knowing someone cares
  53. comparing book collections
  54. exploring new places
  55. random movie quotes
  56. dirt under my nails
  57. remembering my dreams
  58. men who are gentle
  59. hot-tea before bed
  60. never second-guessing myself
  61. coffee with coconut milk
  62. loving me for me
  63. reading a good book
  64. cooking with loved ones
  65. taking long, hot baths
  66. driving with no destination
  67. loving those around me
  68. laughing until i cry
  69. gathering around a fire
  70. butterflies in my stomach
  71. making and appreciating art
  72. being the bigger person
  73. turning off my phone
  74. following, breaking, making tradition
  75. a feeling of accomplishment
  76. making gifts for loved-ones
  77. being beautiful inside and out
  78. recognizing and correcting my errors
  79. finding hidden humor in everything
  80. smells that remind me of something
  81. living like there’s no tomorrow
  82. putting my feelings on paper
  83. acting like a kid again
  84. blankets fresh from the dryer
  85. knowing being wrong is okay
  86. watching movies over and over
  87. typing out the first sentence
  88. dancing when no one is around
  89. seeing old friends i actually miss
  90. the reward after a struggle
  91. singing like no one can hear
  92. pictures of my parents in college
  93. the smell of fresh cut grass
  94. knowing no matter what, i’m okay
  95. watching wheat wave in the wind
  96. things that make sense for no reason
  97. walking barefoot in the rain at night
  98. standing up for what i believe in
  99. watching people excel at what they love
  100. fresh flowers, in the ground (or out)

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