26 April 2012

rough around the edges: a trio.

these couldn't be hotter off the press.

it crept in through the shadows
and rooted around as i
escaped to greener pastures.

in hopes of preservation
i approached with caution
but still was overcome.

now that i can feel it growing
perhaps it will blossom
and soak up rays of sun.

currents chase down my spine
as my stomach turns circles
kickstarting my heart. 

the blushing begins and
beads of sweat appear
after sparks turn to fire. 

cracking from the pressure
my body splits in two
as the eroded tethers crumble.

a rusty chain hangs over the edge
clinging but barely hanging on.
each time the gears grind
another link is let loose.

freedom has its downfalls
soon each one shall learn. 
but inching forward keeps
them quiet, even as they break.

only if you listen closely
can you hear their weary cries.

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