26 February 2012

baby, let's get dirty.

today i started doing research with the intent of form a local gardening activism group.  i have been trying to find a niche for myself and this may just be it.  i will be researching, networking, and planning over the next few weeks and hopefully will be able to set a date for an informal meeting to gauge interest and . 

last winter i read "food not lawns: how to turn your yard into a garden and your neighborhood into a community" by heather flores and have itching to do something ever since.  but because i was setting up my own garden (for the first time after moving) i was way too busy to organize anything (or anyone) else.  however since my yard is already a garden i should be able to focus on turning my neighborhood into a community this year.

how i plot.
i have visions of seed-bombing and square-foot/container workshops, bike garden tours, skill and food sharing, permaculture/planting style discussions, community education about and promotion of local legislation and incentives to grow food (or allow it on your property), seed exchanges, and really anything else that falls under the umbrella of with urban farming (and possibly food access issues). 

i need to develop an infrastructure, write a vision statement and other information for media, find a meeting space and hopefully a few others who are interested in helping to spearhead this.  if i get as much done today as i hope i will start a facebook group.  it seems like i have a lot of the details running around in my head so it should only be a matter of pinning them down and putting them on paper.   if you have any ideas about this or are interested in joining me in my efforts, please contact me at laurynwhitmer@gmail.com.

look for more information about this soon!

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