01 March 2012

i'm huge (on the internet).

i had a great weekend full of activities, art, and awesomeness.  i can't imagine having had time for one more thing and i truly enjoyed every bit of it (even the sleep deprivation part).  weekends like this make fargo feel like the little city that could.  (they also light a spark under my ass and help transform me into some unknown motivated individual who laughs in the face of procrastination and laziness - this alone demonstrates their power.)

i came unglued @ the plains art
thanks to the lovely ashley morken, who turned her vision into reality (and caught me on camera), you can see that i had a great time (and bought a few things) during unglued craft fest at the plains art museum on saturday! sidenote: this photo (of me enthusiastically talking to meg barker of plum accessories about her license plate keychains) is the cover of the official event photo album on facebook, which means my mug is plastered on the log in page of everyone whose friends or liked pages share it - yay! (i mean, honestly, who doesn't want a picture of them with two chins and their mouth wide open all over the internet?)

anyhow, lets go back to the beginning...on thursday morning i remembered that i had ordered vegan, wheat-free red velvet cupcakes (made with real beet extract coloring) from my friend casey at love in the oven bakery.  lucky for me the pick-up location for her made to order baked goods is at eco-chic boutique.  while i was there i talked to maria, the store's owner about maybe selling a few things there.  she said she'd love to see samples so i'll be working on that and hopefully sharing good news over the next few weeks.

cupcake love
later that afternoon i attended a lecture (leveraging diversity: how we can use our differences to improve our world) with a fellow creative community capacity builder.  while neither of us had the math background to understand everything that dr. scott e page presented we definitely caught onto the concept (diversity=ability).  i'm excited to see what other opportunities ndsu advance forward has to offer.

after that i was invited to a screening of 'third side media' presentations (think guerrilla storycorps) done by students studying media and diversity at msum who worked with a group that i am a part of (who received a five-thousand dollar grant that was a result of a leadership conference i was invited to by my aforementioned cohort).  i was impressed by the student's ability to convey emotion and communicate their intended message while being engaging and entertaining.  they got to decide their subject, medium, and the length of their projects and each one was uniquely profound.  i can't wait to continue working with #teamhashtag over the summer (and possibly folks over at centro de cultural).

after that was over i went home and cooked, cleaned, and crafted.  but that didn't last long because a friend (who recently returned to university and is definitely trying to get everyone to act like a co-ed again too) convinced me to go to the hodo lounge to see a few bands.  even though the band that i really wanted to see, the color pharmacy, was done by the time we got there i was super glad that i got to catch bigtree bonsai for the first time (and will definitely be making a point to see them again).  i had a great time drinking and dancing in my chair while enjoying their bluesy-rock with four-part harmonies.  yup, they are the first band that i've seen hold off taking shots to ensure that they were on and it did not go unnoticed.

after work on friday (which was waaaaaaaaaay harder than i would have liked) i went home and got ready to go to frozen at theatre b with a friend who was visiting from out of town.  after ushering and enjoying the show we headed to the drunken noodle for some comfort-food.  but, since i'd had a bit too much the night before (and not enough sleep) we decided to call it a night after that.  but the fun didn't stop there! we went back to my house and got a little silly and may have come up with a viable storyline for a childrens book.  eventually we were able to stop making up non-sense and go to sleep...which was a good thing because we had to get up early for breakfast and a craft-fest! 

on saturday morning we work up early-ish and headed over to la unica for breakfast.  unfortunately they were out of corn tortillas and don't make gorditas anymore (i'm doing everything in my power to change that...so if you go, ask them about their availability) - anyhow, our breakfast was just papas a la mexicana and huevos a la mexicana  in a bowl with a fork.  since i didn't get a tortilla i treated myself to a few bites of eggs (yum).  we even splurged on a coke made in mexico from real cane sugar.  i have to say that the food and drink was the perfect combination of spicy and sweet!

after we filled ourselves up we went to the plains art museum to checkout unglued.  i really enjoyed seeing all the local crafters and their work.  i wanted to buy everything but exercised my self-control (yes, i have that).  i didn't have as much money to spend as i would have liked, but i was able to buy a few small things from a few different artists and will definitely be looking on etsy for a few of the things i saw later on.  i hope that ashley and company can continue the event (and maybe even get a permanent store front?) - definitely keep your eye out for future events and continue supporting local artists and makers!

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