14 February 2012

valentine's day is for lovers.

deep inside (a memory)
snaking in and out of hidden hallways
seeking respite in smoke and shadows.
welcomed by a sunken booth with
open arms and a bottle of wine.
intoxicatingly familiar – warm.
over the years and through the haze
things filed away and forgotten –
all but nervous anticipation.

the skeleton key
you dangle helplessly on my chain.
i grasp you in my hand instinctively.
your shaft pressing into my flesh
i cannot wait to use you –
to see where you’ll take me.
upon insertion you fill my niches.
- a jiggle - a twist -
all my doors are open.


colors. a rainbow
rushing over me.
a licentious cascade
bleeding and changing.
no longer definable
but undeniable.


  1. beautiful works. each one distinct. i imagine each work as its own thing, and yet cannot help thinking of the three as a triptych set.

    1. i wish they were a set written sequentially but they are not. they just really seemed to fit together well - i'm glad you thought so too.