14 February 2012

what does synchrony look like?

seeking: an attempt or desire to find, obtain, or achieve
synchrony: an action, development, or occurrence happening or existing at the same time.

so, what does that mean to me?  in theory seeking synchrony is about trying to find harmony and balance - not only with one's self but with others, the surrounding environment, and the universe.  it means living intentionally while focusing on personal values/ideals.  personally, this means connecting with my community and working cooperatively to solve problems creatively.  it means being conscience.  it means looking for answers (and then questioning them). 

my lifestyle is based on my participation in different -isms (feminism, activism, egalitarianism, humanitarianism, anti-capitalism, environmentalism, collectivism, idealism, romanticism, and sometimes hedonism).  these words generally dictate my day-to-day actions.  this means buying locally, organically, and seasonally; choosing to ride my bike or walk instead of driving; or making what i can out of what i have instead of buying a convenience item.  it also may mean a lot of other things like celebrating, collaborating, community building, constructing, crafting, exploring, gardening, painting, photographing, protesting, recycling, (shitloads of) reading, sewing, skill-sharing, soap-making, thrifting, volunteering, writing, and as of this post i can officially add blogging. 

i value: art, adventure, adaptability, awareness, compassion, community, conservation, cooperation, creativity, diversity, education, empathy, expressiveness, flexibility, freedom, generosity, growth, health, happiness, imagination, individuality, kindness, liberty, mindfulness, passion, partnerships, playfulness, respect, self-reliance, simplicity, thoughtfulness, thriftiness, trust, unconditional love, understanding, uniqueness, and wonder.

i anticipate exploring all of these ideas; sharing my creative endeavors; discussing events and activities that i participate in; and lots of posts about food.  food is one of my true loves and i spend a majority of my time thinking about, planting, tending, cooking, and eating food.  even though i'm not too into pop culture i do enjoy media of all types and from time to time may give a recommendation or write a review; but usually for books or music and only occasionally film and television.. 
in addition to all the serious stuff, i like to have a little fun and take my pleasure pretty seriously. i am constantly asking forgiveness (but never permission). i would like to own a solar powered do nothing machine. i have dirt under my nails and stuck in my skin 50% of the year or so.  i have a black belt in haiku and tend to alphabetize lists unintentionally.  everyday i get to come home to the cutest and most excitable grandpa-pug i've ever met. (his name is moses and he is here to set your people free.)

 wtf? where did he find a hacky-sack?
i have absolutely no idea.

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